November 2020

November is Premature Awareness Month



November isn't just known for Thanksgiving, it's also Premature Awareness Month.  Almost 400,000 babies are born prematurely in the United States each year, according to Registry Partners.

These babies miss out on important growth and development in the womb that happens during the final weeks or months of pregnancy.  One Sioux County, Iowa mother talks about how her life changed after the premature birth of her son.  I like to call him my number 15 or 15%, because that's how much chance of survival he had," Jezzika McKee said. "He had a 15% chance of survival and we didn't think he would make it.  Actually, the doctor told me that both of us would've lost our lives."  McKee adds that her son is now taking food by the mouth and some of Sam's favorites include Doritos and cheese curds


To learn more about babies born prematurely, visit Regisitry Partners.


Core Diabetes Application (GlucoStabilizer Replacement) - Rolling Go-Live

Core Diabetes Application (CDA) is a Cerner-Integrated Insulin-Management solution that will soon replace the GlucoStabilizer. CDA will replace the outdated GlucoStabilizer system and standardize insulin management practice among the IUH system.


You will eventually be assigned a Cerner Journey to help train you on the new system replacing GlucoStabilizer.  Keep an eye out for this training when it goes live at your facility!

Sex Trafficking Power and Control Wheel - Our job as a healthcare provider


  • Healthcare has been identified as #3 of top 5 points of contact with victims of human trafficking
  • A study in 2019 revealed 87.8% of trafficking survivors reported accessing healthcare services during their trafficking situation
  • Of this, 68.3% were seen at an emergency department
  • This puts us in a very unique position to recognize, build rapport and refer victims to services that can help.


House Enrolled Act No. 1191, Section 2.IC 25-1-9-4.5 – amended and effective in 2018

States that a practitioner is “subject… to disciplinary actions” if that practitioner “has been presented with evidence that… would cause the practitioner to believe that a patient is a victim of human trafficking” and “fails to provide information to the patient concerning available services and resources, including the telephone number for the National Human Trafficking Hotline.”

If a child (any person under 18) is involved, you MUST notify DCS or a local law enforcement agency


Know what populations are high risk/vulnerable:





HIV positive


Sex workers and domestic workers

Workers with temporary work visas/undocumented workers

Worker whose family depends on their remittances to survive

LGBTQ community

History of abuse/sexual abuse or mental illness

**RISK FACTORS have increased with recent pandemic! Be on alert



National Human Trafficking Hotline Number: 1 (888) 373-7888

BeFree Textline: Text “BeFree” (233733)

ERP Go Live 1/1/2021

Why Oracle's ERP Product Holds the Key to Its SaaS Cloud Success

The Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Program will go live at the end of the year when IU Health will replace Lawson with Oracle Cloud, and upgrade to Kronos 8.1. The first go-live (Kronos) is scheduled for Dec. 20. These changes will impact all team members, and will transform many of our HR, Supply Chain and Finance processes, making them easier and more streamlined.  

Within Oracle there are many new features and other important features such as benefit enrollment and tax witholding, which will need to be completed for 2021.  If this will effect you please view the module below so you will be aware of this system and the forms that you will need to fill out for the upcoming year.

 If you have any issues logging in please contact 317-962-2222 or

Upgrade in PAPR Equipment

3M Versaflo TR-600-ECK Easy Clean PAPR Kit | 3M PAPR | Enviro Safety  Products

IU Health changed to a new PAPR model being used at IU Health for individuals unable to wear an N-95 or if there is lack of availability of an N-95.  IU Health changed to the new model as the previous model was obsolete.  The video below will show you how to assemble and disassemble the new model as it is different than the previous one used.  Please take time to view the video in preparation of having to possibly use the new equipment.'

Bariatric Conversations Can Be Difficult


The Bariatric Conversation video addresses the importance of engaging your patients in meaningful conversations about weight loss. You will learn about the importance of asking permission to address their weight loss experiences and future plans. It also describes motivational interviewing techniques to collaborate with your patient about a weight loss plan. You will also see demonstrations of a bad example of a patient encounter and as good example of a collaborative patient encounter.

If you want to watch the video click the link below:!


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