January 2021

Patient Blood Management Program

Beginning in January 2021, updated transfusion guideline dissemination, broad-scale education, and roll-out of transfusion analytics will occur across the system. The initial phase will focus on Red Blood Cell (RBC) transfusions. After a review of baseline data and benchmarks from over 300 hospitals nationally, the PBMC has set system goals for 3 well-established RBC transfusion metrics in 2021: Increase the number of units transfused at a hemoglobin below 7 g/dL, decrease the number of units transfused at a hemoglobin above 8 g/dL, and increase the number of single-unit RBC transfusions.
The PBMC is excited to move forward on this work and the positive outcomes it can bring to our patients. Your support and engagement will be key to the success of this important patient safety and quality initiative.

Click this link to learn more:  https://iuhealthcpe.org/view/patient-blood-management-program

Carb Ratio and ISF

Inpatient Diabetes Topics for Prescribers

  • Basal insulin importance
  • Total daily dose of insulin
  • Insulin sensitivity Factor 
  • Meal time or Prandial insulin 
  • Carb ratio
  • Adjusting orders 

TDD (total daily dose) is available in the drip wean report to determine the patient’s basal insulin dose. 40 to 50% of this TDD should be used as basal insulin if the patient will be eating and 70 to 80% should be used as basal to cover continuous tube feeding or TPN.

Using the patient’s TDD from home you can also determine the basal insulin dose. If the patient will be eating take this example of TDD 90 units and use 50% or 45 units as a basal insulin such as Lantus.

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Sulfonylureas Removed from IU Health Inpatient Formulary


Sulfonylureas use during the inpatient stay offers little clinical benefit over insulin therapy.  The safety risk of hypoglycemia is always a concern, especially when nutritional status is compromised, and patients are too sick to eat or they are NPO.  Sulfonylureas are considered to have limited role in the management of hyperglycemia in acute illness in a hospitalized patient.  These drugs provide little flexibility or opportunity for titration in a setting where acute changes in patient status often demand such action.  Sulfonylureas are generally not recommended inpatient according to the American Diabetes Association’s Standard of Care Guidelines for hospitalized patients 1.   This decision was reviewed and approved at the Hospitalist Clinical Effectiveness Council and System Pharmacy & Therapeutics Committee.   Beginning January 13th 2021, IU Health will retire the sulfonylurea Powerplans and remove glimepiride, glipizide, glyburide, and glyburide – metformin combination tablet from inpatient formulary.  These medications will be listed under the “Do Not Use Medication List.”  They will still be available for providers in the ambulatory prescription catalog.



  1. Diabetes Care in the Hospital:  Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes-2020  American Diabetes Association Diabetes Care 2020 Jan; 43 (Supplement 1): S193-S202


CME Opportunity - 1 Credit

Navigating Medication Options for Smoking Cessation in Mental Health

At the conclusion of this activity, participants should be able to:

  • Describe the tobacco use prevalence among persons with behavioral health conditions
  • Introduce the clinical practice guidelines evidence-based recommendation on pharmacologic treatment options for patients with tobacco dependence
  • Compare various tobacco treatment medications, including the safety and efficacy data, for the management of tobacco cessation
  • Examine tobacco treatment medications, including doses, routes, and frequency of administration

To view this material navigate to https://iuhealthcpe.org/education_portal/course/iuh-navigating-medication-options-for-smoking-cessation-in-metal-health


Registration is now open: Zoom Pediatric Medical Weekend (March 6, 2021)

Date & Location

Saturday, March 6, 2021, 7:55 AM - 12:15 PM

Target Audience
Specialties - Family Medicine, Pediatrics, Social Work



This virtual medical education activity is intended for pediatricians, pediatric residents, family practitioners, emergency physicians, nurse practitioners and clinical staff working with pediatric patients. The conference will address current research, therapies, and clinical outcomes. The conference is appropriate for practitioners in both a community or hospital setting. Any health professional interested in the care of pediatric patients is welcome.


Register at https://iu.cloud-cme.com/BloomingtonPeds2021

Direct Links to 2020 IU Health Bloomington CME Recordings

Direct Links to 2020 CME Recordings

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Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Join the IU Health Minority Affinity Group for a virtual celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s legacy  on Monday, Jan. 18, from 11 am – noon. The theme is Honoring King’s Legacy by Promoting Service and Peace.  

During the event, “We’ll explore the importance of MLK Day and hear from our Community Outreach and Engagement team about ways to serve virtually,” says Alex Simonton, events chair for the Minority Affinity Group.

The celebration also will include panel discussions on service and peace, the importance of committing to making a difference in your community and promoting peace (including inner peace), as well as a video featuring several IU Health team members reflecting on what King and his life means to them. 

Register now to reserve your seat at this free event.

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