March 2021

CDA Training Awareness (Go Live 4/13/21)

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IUH West  Upcoming Training Awareness

Core Diabetes Application

We are excited to resume the Core Diabetes Application {CDA} project to familiarize IUH West staff on the upcoming CDA functionality. Please be AWARE that the education on this project will come from the Cerner Learning Framework {CLF}. The CLF Journeys will be available on 3/22/20214/12/2021 to ensure the knowledge base of functionality prior to Go-Live on 4/13/2021.

Pocket Guide for Adult Inpatient Glucose Management

IU Health is dedicated to glycemic control for our patients. The IU Health Inpatient Glucose Management team offers a variety of tools and resources to help patient care teams safely and effectively manage patients’ blood glucose levels while patients are hospitalized.  IU Health and the Center for Physician Education have updated the inpatient glucose pocket guide for glucose management and you can download at

COVID-19 Vaccine Series Recommendations Available in Immunization Forecaster


What: The CDC's COVID-19 vaccine series recommendations will now be available in the Immunization Forecaster. The Immunization Forecaster will accept the three current COVID-19 vaccine products authorized under Emergency Use Authorization.

Why:   To relay the most accurate and up-to-date CDC immunization recommendations to clinical staff, the COVID-19 series will display as completed upon administration of 2-doses of COVID-19 vaccine from Pfizer or Moderna or upon administration of 1 dose of Janssen’s COVID-19 vaccine.

Riley Maternity and Newborn Health Project

The IU Health system is investing more than $140 million to build a new maternity and newborn health center. The president of Riley Children’s Health has more on the major project that will centralize care currently offered at three Indy hospitals. The tower will offer inpatient childbirth and newborn care, house the largest NICU in the state and provide comprehensive maternity services from lowest to highest risk pregnancies. Click download to learn the Riley Maternity Tower Facts.

To learn more go to

Clinical Nest App

The Center for Physician Education has worked with the Clinical Effectiveness Council to provide a solution to getting information easily out to the staff via their phones.  Due to this gap the Clinical Nest app was created and is currently adding more content consistently.  The purpose of the Clinical Nest app is to help in assisting with the quality of the services healthcare providers provide that are safe, effective and in line with the needs of their population by including tools, endorsed guidelines, pathways, and resources. Clinical effectiveness is defined as "the application of the best knowledge, derived from research, clinical experience, and patient preferences to achieve optimum processes and outcomes of care for patients. The process involves a framework of informing, changing, and monitoring practice." Clinical effectiveness is about improving a patients' total experience of healthcare and is an essential part of improving and assuring quality. The aim is to use evidence to improve the effectiveness of clinical practice and service delivery.

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