August 2023

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Wed, Aug. 30th, 11:45am-1pm - Hurricane Ian and FEMA (In-person)

Andrew Watters, MD, Bloomington, IN, Health Sciences Building - C1020Z

Fri, Sept. 1st, 11:45am-1:00pm - The IU Health CII Grant: The impact of community investment in the IU Health South Central Region

Shawna Girgis, MSW

Tues, Sept. 5th, 12:15pm-1:00pm - Pneumococcal Vaccination and Immunization Barriers

Derrick Ferguson, DO

Wed, Sept. 6th, 8:00am-10:00am - Riley Error Prevention Training

Amy Birchfield, MSN< RN, NE-BC, CPPS and Bri Logston, MSN, RN, NE-BC

Wed, Sept. 6th, 11:45am-1:00pm - Beyond the Statin: Are there additional methods to impact (In-person)

Scott E. Mattson, DO, Bloomington, IN, IU Health Sciences Building, C102B

Thurs, Sept. 7th, 11:45am-1:00pm - SCR Recovery & Hope Project - Duality in Healthcare: Opioid Use and Stigma

Ryan P. Brown, MD, FAAFP, FASAM

Fri, Sept. 8th, 11:45am-1:00pm - Overview of Community Health for the South Central Region

Amy Meek, MSN, RN

Wed, Sept. 13th, 11:45am-1:00pm - EKG Seminar

John Strobel, MD

Thurs, Sept. 14th, 11:45am-1:00pm - SCR Recovery & Hope Project - Healing Through Connection and the Power of Pro-Social Recovery

John Cunningham

Fri, Sept. 15th, 11:45am-1:00pm - Urgent Surgical Pediatric Diagnosis that Present to Primary Care

Brian W. Gray, MD

Fri, Sept. 15th, 12:00pm-1:00pm - Martin Caregiver - Panel Discussion

Wed, Sept. 20th, 11:45am-1:00pm - Inpatient Diabetes Management (In-person)

Raja Hanania, Rph, COM, LDE, CDCES, BCPS, FISHP, Bloomington, IN, IU Health Sciences Building, C102B

Thurs, Sept. 21st, 11:45am-1:00pm - SCR Recovery & Hope Project - Medication Assisted Treatment of Addictions in the Primary Care Setting

Jayna Bland, PharmD and Rachael House, PharmD

Thurs, Sept. 21st, 12:00pm-1:00pm - IU Health Risk Retention Group -Legal Expert Nurse in Fall Prevention: Top 3 Insights (in-person)

Marty Cangany, RN, ACNS-BC, Methodist Hospital, Petticrew Auditorium

Fri, Sept. 22nd, 7:15am-8:00am - CMIO-Quarterly Broadcast

Jason Schaffer, MD, MBI, FACEP and Emily Webber, MD, FAAP, FAMIA

Tues, Sept. 26th, 12:00pm-1:00pm - IU Health Jay County CME/CEU Learning Event TBD (In-person)

Ryan P. Brown, MD, FAAFP, FASAM, IU Health Jay Hospital, Conference Room

Wed, Sept. 27th, 11:45am-1:00pm - Voice Disorders in Children (In-person)

Rita Patel, PhD, CCC-SLP, Bloomington, IN, IU Health Sciences Building, C102B

Thurs, Sept. 28th, 11:45am-1:00pm - SCR Recovery & Hope Project - Substance Use Treatment and Levels of Care

Annie Cheek, MSW, LCSW

Fri, Sept. 29th, 7:30am-4:30pm - Pharmacology for Advanced Practice Providers - Virtual Conference

Fri, Sept. 29th, 11:45am-1:00pm - Embedded Social Workers in OB Offices (In-person)

Ashley Beeler, MSW



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Action required: Respond to CDI inquiries

The Clinical Documentation Integrity (CDI) team sends messages via Cerner to request a provider review specific patient charts to address potential gaps in documentation. These queries have increased and require responses so that our organization can accurately reflect the patient’s clinical condition. As you know, documentation is key to communicating about our patients and also affects many of our quality measures. Please see instructions for responding to queries below and be sure to respond as soon as possible.

  • “CDI Query Notifications” will be located in the Documents folder and should be responded to within 48 hours.
  • If in agreement with the query request, you must sign the CDI Query Notification and provide the requested details in an addendum to the current progress note, a subsequent progress note and/or in the Discharge Summary.
  • If not in agreement with the query, right-click and modify the query to provide high-level rationale of the disagreement.


Cerner model charging coming to hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers

In 2021 – 2022, ambulatory centers across IU Health transitioned to using Cerner to capture professional charges. Soon, all hospitals and several outpatient surgery centers will make the same transition. This change will allow professional charges in the hospital and surgery center settings — including consults, operating room surgeries, bedside procedures and more — to be captured via Cerner. . See details on the team portal.


Near-total abortion ban in Indiana now in effect

Comprehensive resources for physicians are available to aid decision making and referral decisions amidst the near-total abortion ban in Indiana: Abortion Information for Providers (

  • A 24/7 reproductive health rapid response team is available for consult about real-time emergent/urgent patient care situations and treatment plans at our facilities. Call 317.963.4400 to activate the team.
  • Non-urgent consults about the active care of a patient may be submitted here for response during the next business day.
  • Clinical referrals may be sent through Cerner message to the Family Planning Triage pool or the Family Planning nurse navigator by phone: 317.948.8854 or fax 317.222.2193.

General questions about how the ban affects team members may be emailed to

Clinical Council Updates


All Providers:

  • Wound Vac Power plan
    • Recent incident trends revealed inconsistent practice regarding usage of the Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) PowerPlan and confusion with appropriate management of wound VACs. When the NPWT PowerPlan is not utilized, the care team does not have all appropriate orders to properly care for wound VAC patients thus resulting in missed care or improper management of dressings.This PowerPlan should be completed by the provider ordering NPWT.



  • The NICU Harm Dashboard is now available. 
    • Click here to view dashboard.


Infectious Disease:

  • Meropenem Dosing Changes: Council approved the recommendation to standardize meropenem dosing between the ICU and non-ICU settings to minimize confusion when patients are transferred from one floor to the other.  Additionally, weight cutoffs were removed and CrCl cutoffs were updated, both reflecting updated literature recommendations. Clinicians also endorsed the dosing option with the slightly longer infusion time (4 hrs vs 3 hrs).  The 4-hour infusion aligns with similar infusion times for other drugs and therefor may reduce errors.
  • Dicloxacillin Removal from Formulary: Council approved a recommendation to remove dicloxacillin from formulary as use of it across the system has been low and there are several alternative options providing the same coverage.
  • AMB Lenacapavir (Sunlenca): Council approved three order sets for lenacapavir use in the outpatient setting.  Lenacapavir treats multi-drug resistant HIV and only requires dosing every 6 months.  As it will be used in the outpatient setting, it will not be stocked but ordered as needed. The separate order sets represent different dosing options that will be built into Cerner and ensure charges occur automatically after administration.  Patient population is expected to be small, and the drug acquisition cost would be $19,500 per patient for one year.



  • Prenatal Risk Factors Documentation
    • Please see attached Job Aid that will assist with proper documentation of prenatal risk factors. With the proper documentation the newborn providers can adequately care for the newborn, thus decreasing care gaps and harm.



  • In progress - New Lung Order Set – council is reviewing a new lung order set that would minimize variability in patient care while optimizing outcomes through earlier consult referrals, including palliative care consults, for patients with new diagnosis of Lung Cancer. Please stay tuned, more to come.

Strengthening Survival and Recovery Rates for Sepsis Patients

New Sepsis/Septic Shock Definitions |


In a typical year, 1 in 3 people who dies in a hospital had sepsis during that hospitalization. The CDC is launching a new effort aimed at strengthening survival and recovery rates for all sepsis. Click here to learn more.

FDA Approves RSV Vaccine for Pregnant Women to Help Shield Newborns


Psych News Alert: Study Finds No Link Between SSRI Use in Pregnancy and ...


Women may soon have a vaccine they can take during a pregnancy to help protect their newborn from respiratory syncytial virus. Click here to learn more.

Alpha-gal Syndrome - Free CME

What is Alpha-Gal Syndrome? – TICKED OFF MAST CELLS

Suspected cases of alpha-gal syndrome (AGS), a tick bite-associated allergic condition also called red meat allergy, have increased substantially in the United States since 2010. To earn free CME and learn about AGS diagnosis and management click here.

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